Safe Sleep for Your Baby

Making sure your baby is safe when they sleep is important. Babies can suffocate if their airways become blocked by soft objects like blankets, pillows, or other objects. They are also at risk if someone rolls onto them.

There are simple steps you can do to make sure your baby stays safe.

What does a safe sleep environment look like?

  • Baby asleep alone and on their back
  • In the same room where their parents sleep
  • In an approved crib or bassinet with a firm surface
  • With tightly fitted sheets
  • No bumpers, pillows, blankets, loose bedding, or toys
  • No cords or other objects within baby's reach

What are other safety recommendations?

  • No smoking - during pregnancy or around the baby.
  • Each sleep counts - the same safety rules should be followed during naps as well as bedtime.
  • Breastfeed your baby to reduce the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).
  • Couches, recliners, chairs, and other non-approved surfaces should never be used for your baby to sleep or nap - especially if they are sleeping with a caregiver.
  • Offer a pacifier at each nap and at bedtime. For breastfeeding babies, wait to offer the pacifier until breastfeeding is well-established (at about 4 weeks). Pacifiers should NOT be forced or attached to your baby or your baby's clothing.
  • Don't let baby get too hot during sleep - no more than one more layer of clothing than an adult would wear to be comfortable. Keep the room at a comfortable temperature.
  • Follow your health care provider's guidance on vaccines and checkups (for you and your baby).
  • Avoid products that claim to reduce the risk of SUID (Sudden Unexplained Infant Death). These products - wedges, positioners, monitors, etc. - have not been tested for safety or effectiveness and could possibly cause harm.
  • Give your baby plenty of tummy time when your baby is awake and supervised.

Local Resources

Safe Sleep Education for Parents

Healthy Start Program: 941-861-2905

Save My Life Program: 941-373-7070 ext. 306

Sarasota Medical Pregnancy Center: 941-330-2273

Healthy Families: 941-371-8820

Department of Children and Families: 877-595-0384