What is MomCare?

MomCare helps pregnant women on Medicaid find and access prenatal care and other helpful resources. Pregnancy Medicaid Insurance is for pregnant women whose income is up to 185% of poverty level. Pregnancy Medicaid pays for prenatal care and other health services for pregnant women. It is for Florida residents who are legal citizens of, or immigrants to, the United States. Services in Spanish are also available.

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Questions? Call us at (941) 373-7070 x 305

How do you apply for Pregnancy Medicaid?

Apply Online:

Apply in Person:

  • Eligibility Department at the Sarasota County Health Department – 2200 Ringling Boulevard, Sarasota
  • Department of Children and Families – 1864 17th Street, Sarasota

How will your MomCare Advisor help you?

Getting help can be confusing. A MomCare Advisor will contact you once you have been approved for Medicaid. The Advisor will help you get the care and services you need. Your MomCare Advisor will:

  • Explain your Pregnancy Medicaid options
  • Tell you about the services you can get
  • Help you find a doctor or midwife
  • Make a referral to Healthy Start if you are facing difficult issues
  • Help you get into the WIC (Women, Infant and Children’s)
  • Nutrition Program
  • Call to see how you are doing
  • Help you find a doctor for your baby
  • Help you find health insurance for your baby
  • Answer questions you may have
  • Help you get other prenatal services like classes, counseling, or help from other agencies
  • Help you if you have special needs
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Choosing your Doctor or Midwife

If you have not chosen a prenatal care provider, your MomCare Advisor will give you a list of doctors and midwives. The sooner you choose, the better.

Our goal is to make sure you get prenatal care as early as possible. The first trimester of pregnancy is a critical period in which all the major body systems begin their development. Having good health at this time is important.


Choosing a Medicaid Managed Care Plan

Medicaid Recipients now receive their health care through a Medicaid managed care plan. You will receive a letter from AHCA advising that you must choose a plan. Otherwise you will automatically be enrolled in one of the four plans. Check with your prenatal provider to see which plans the office accepts.

During and After your Pregnancy

We have helpful information we can send you. We can also answer questions or direct you to other services. If you are not in the Healthy Start Program, please call us if you have any needs or questions. 941-373-7070, Ext. 305, or Ext. 300 for Spanish.

You must notify the local Medicaid office after your baby is born. The baby will then be put on Medicaid.

You can receive two years of family planning services free. It is important to wait 18 months to two years before your next pregnancy. This is to make sure your body is healthy before you get pregnant again. If you are healthy, your baby is more likely to be healthy.


MomCare Client Satisfaction Survey

Are you a recent MomCare Client? Please take our Satisfaction Survey! What you think about the MomCare Program is important to us. Knowing what we can do better will improve services for all pregnant women.