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Quit-Smoking Support

Before a child enters your world,

remove tobacco from your life.

Pregnancy is a wonderful time of your life. It’s the first chance you have to influence the life and health of the child you are about to bring into the world.

Unfortunately, using tobacco can cause serious problems for your unborn baby. With every puff of a cigarette, a pregnant woman exposed her baby to over 2,000 harmful chemicals.

Women who smoke during pregnancy are more likely to have:

  • An ectopic pregnancy
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Placental abruption (placenta peels away, partially or almost completely, from the uterine wall before delivery)
  • Placenta previa (a low-lying placenta that covers part or all of the opening of the uterus
  • A stillbirth

Babies born to women who smoke during pregnancy are more likely to be born:

  • With birth defects such as cleft lip or palate
  • Prematurely
  • At low birthweight
  • Underweight for the number of weeks of pregnancy

Babies born prematurely and at low birthweight are at risk of other serious health problems, including lifelong disabilities (such as cerebral palsy, mental retardation and learning problems), and in some cases, death.

Healthy Start is here to help you quit.

You have the power to change your habit, and give your child the gift of good health. Healthy Start can connect you with free services to help you quit smoking!

  • Hypnosis – Hypnosis helps you to gain the strength to stop smoking and stay that way. It teaches you o focus and strengthen your mind, ad also helps you to relax deeply and reduce stress.
  • Counseling – Reduce your stress through private sessions with a licensed mental health counselor. Healthy Start can refer you o a counselor who will listen to you and support you in becoming and staying smoke-free.
  • Florida QuitLine – The Florida QuitLine can help provide free counseling and nicotine replacement aids like patches, lozenges, an gum. Call 1-877-U-CAN-NOW or visit

We know it’s hard to quit smoking – Let us help you make it easier.

Call 941-861-2905 to contact the Healthy Start Program today!


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