What is Healthy Start Infant Risk Screening?

Every doctor in the state of Florida is required to offer a Healthy Start Screening to all pregnant women and their babies. By initialing “Yes” to being screened on the Healthy Start Infant Risk Screen, women will know within minutes, if their baby has any potential health risks.

Healthy Start believes every woman deserves to know if she or her baby is at risk.

After completing the Healthy Start Screen, the doctor’s office or delivering facility will refer to Healthy Start based on answers provided on the Screening Form. Healthy Start and the doctor’s office continually communicate with each other to make sure the client has the best outcome possible.

What if I don’t need any help?

Even if you don’t have problems or the desire to use the Healthy Start services, completing the Healthy Start screen at your birthing facility will be helpful in gathering the data and funding necessary to improve the system of care for ALL moms and babies in Sarasota County.

Portrait of a doctor with two of her co-workers talking with a patient in the background

Sample Screening Form: