Care Coordination Team

Care Coordination (1 of 1)The core of the Healthy Start Program is Care Coordination, a team of nursing and social service professionals dedicated to serving families in our community. They meet families where they are best served, providing individualized care, support, education, and in-depth management. If additional help is needed, our Wraparound Services team is available for expanded, specialized
services to address each mom’s specific needs.

Our Care Coordination team is the heart of Healthy Start. They serve moms and families in our community, regardless of income, insurance, or residency status, providing confidential and professional services at no charge to the client. Healthy Start clients come from all walks of life – they are your neighbors, your friends, or your family. Sometimes life doesn’t go according to plan, and we need an extra hand: breastfeeding is more challenging than expected, our postpartum experience isn’t what we thought it would be. Don’t suffer in silence, reach out. Healthy Start is there to help, because every baby deserves a healthy start.