#BeTheOne – Giving Dollars, Saving Lives.


baby-face-1-1310507Giving Dollars, Saving Lives

How your gifts changed lives during the 2015 Giving Challenge.


A safe place to sleep. Most of us might not think twice about it, but for some new parents, affording a safe crib is a challenge. The funds raised by the 2015 Giving Challenge went directly to our families in need, providing education and support services to ensure that their babies get what every baby deserves – a healthy start in life.

The majority of the funds provided life-saving Safe Sleep kits and education to new parents, who otherwise would have struggled to supply what so many of us take for granted – a safe place to put their babies to sleep.  Through the Save My Life and Healthy Start programs, we provided over fifty kits and classes to at-risk families in our community.

That means fifty babies have a safe place to close their eyes, fifty babies have parents who know to put them to sleep on their backs, and fifty babies have a better chance of waking up in the morning to learn, play, and grow.


SoExciteIn 2015 the Healthy Start Coalition of Sarasota County raised $5,373.80 through the Giving Challenge. We partnered with the Postpartum Society of Florida* to create “The Baby Office” a spoof on The Office, a popular television show. This video was a fun way to bring attention to both of our organizations’ needs and inform audiences what services we provide families in our community.

While the project was fun, the results were so much more. We appreciate everyone who donated, everyone who dug deep into their heart and decided that they would contribute – no matter how small – to help make a change in someone else’s life.

One donation of less than $100 can provide a family with a safe bed for their baby to sleep, a crib sheet, a safe sleep sac, pacifiers, education material, and, more importantly, the knowledge and support to ensure that they are doing the best they can to be a good parent.


GC16 Logo GreenAs we move into the 2016 Giving Challenge, the need in our community is even greater. We hope that you’ll think of us, and the families we support, when it’s time to open your wallets – and your hearts. Be the one who makes a lasting impact, be the one who helps save a life. #BeTheOne

*Our partner for the 2015 Giving Challenge, the Postpartum Society of Florida, was able to train 16 additional mental health professionals in identifying and treating PMADs [Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders], supply area hospitals with 1,000 MiTunes CDs, and arm 1,000 families with Mother-Infant Wellness support and resource connection, and launch an original peer support volunteer-training program called SISTERMoms: Mentorship for New Mothers, the first of its kind anywhere.

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