Is Healthy Start for you? Healthy Start Eligibility FAQs

Are you interested in Healthy Start but you don’t know if you are eligible?

We provide free, confidential, professional help and support for pregnant women and new families regardless of income or insurance status.

There are THREE ways to get into Healthy Start:

  1. Screening IniStock_000007096555XSmall

At your first appointment with your doctor or midwife, you will be offered the Healthy Start Prenatal Screen. It’s a quick and simple form with 16 questions. After your baby is born your hospital, birthing center, or midwife will offer you a similar screen the Healthy Start Infant Screen.

Your doctor or midwife will add up your score and let you know what it is. If your score is high (6 or over for prenatal, 4 or over for infant) you will be offered a referral to Healthy Start.

What does this mean?

It means that according to your answers you or your baby could benefit from FREE services that Healthy Start offers. All of our services are high quality and offered by trained professionals. Participation is voluntary, you can change your mind at any time.

  1. Referral

If you do not have a high score on your screen you may still be eligible for FREE, high quality services through Healthy Start. Your doctor, midwife, or other health professional, can refer you for confidential Healthy Start Services. Ask them if we can help you!

  1. Contacting Us

Even if you do not have a high score on the screen and are not eligible through your doctor or midwife, you can still contact us! We can answer your questions about Healthy Start or discuss your eligibility for services. Call us at 941-861-2905 to talk to someone who can confidentially discuss your needs.

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