New Partnership: Walgreen’s Preconception Health Project

10543763_10154349390805484_2067223444_nWe are excited to announce our new partnership with local Walgreen’s stores! Starting July 1st, Walgreen’s customers shopping for Pregnancy Tests will also be offered free informative hand-outs about prenatal and preconception health topics, with information from the CDC’s “Show Your Love” Pre- and Interconception Health Campaign.

Topics on the hand-out include:

  • Making a plan – whether to prevent a future pregnancy or get as healthy as possible for your “baby-to-be”
  • Eating Healthy Foods
  • Being Active and Exercising
  • Taking Folic Acid Daily
  • Reducing Stress
  • Protecting yourself from STI’s (Sexually Transmitted Infections) and other Infections
  • Avoiding Harmful Substances
  • Talking to your doctor about health conditions and other healthy behaviors

The hand-outs are currently available at two Walgreen’s stores: the intersections of Lockwood Ridge and University Parkway, and Lockwood Ridge and 17th Street in Sarasota. We hope to eventualy offer them in all Sarasota County stores.

We are grateful to Walgreen’s for this fantastic opportunity. This is a great way to reach pregnant women and women of childbearing age at a crucial time to promote healthier pregnancies and pregnancy planning.


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