Community Support

The Healthy Start Coalition is grateful to our  generous community sponsors and partners for continued support in our efforts to improve the health and well-being of pregnant women, infants, and young children in Sarasota County.

In the face of severe, state-wide budget cuts, the Healthy Start Coalition relies on outside support now more than ever.  Without our donors and sponsors, we would be severely limited in our capacity to support pregnant women and infants in Sarasota County.

Thank you for your support!


Shara Abrams
George Alberici
Ann Babcock
Richard R. Babcock
Cari Beard
Monica Becket
Ruby Bell
Mary Anne Bowie
Ned Bowman
Bill Cannady
Jeff Cheng
Kitty Cranor
Carol Donnelly
Dolores Dunn
Michael Feiertag
Keith Fitzgerald
John Flaherty
Ellen Fontana
Michelle Giambra
Joe Gonzales
Gregory Paul Hanes
Meghan Connolly Hanes
Michael and Mary Jane Hartenstine
Dr. Washington Hill
Cameron Icard
James Johnson
Deborah Kaufman
Philip King
Kelly Kirschner
Jeffrey and Susan Kral
David Kramer
Philip Lonzen
Commissioner Carolyn Mason
Cathy Matthews
Mike McIntosh
Sue Moreland
Jenna Norwood
Laurel Phipps
Ron Reagan
Shelley Rence
Chip Schaaff
John and Valerie Schaub
Leland Selvey
Carol Selvey
Kathryn Shea
Nancy Shoemaker
Linda Spivey
Linda Stone
Diane Taylor
Patti Treubert
Ann Voorhees
Erika D. Wagner
Timothy and Kim Williams
Deborah and Joseph Yohn



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